Regular email is as secure as a postcard

As far as data security is concerned, regular email is like a postcard, because non-encrypted email travels in the Internet via a number of servers and routers as plain text. Even though the sender and the recipient were located in the same country, it is possible that email travels via one or several other countries. Encrypt email when it contains:

  • health information
  • information of the use of social services
  • information about religious or political views
  • other confidential personal information
  • corporate secrets
  • other information that you would not send by postcard
The espionage of data communications is a common phenomenon in today's world: besides governments of various states, it is also practiced by parties pursuing economic benefit, such as criminals and professionals of industrial espionage.

The encryption of Securedmail is based on the same SSL encryption used by banks to secure the data communications of their Internet services. The encryption methods of Securedmail have been granted Finnish patents FI116815 and FI125832B, European patent EP3286891 and U.S. patent 10,341,120 B2, and its technical data security has been granted the best possible grades from an independent auditor.

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