Send and receive confidential information as encrypted

Securedmail is a Finnish email encryption service that enables you to communicate securely with anyone.

Key features:
  • you can send confidential messages from your own email application, or using a web interface.
  • know when the recipient has opened your message
  • also receive confidential messages from anyone
  • no software installations are required
Using Securedmail is easy: just add the domain ending to the recipient address: for example Securedmail is ready to use on the next business day after ordering.

The service can also be integrated with the clients own IT infrastructure to automate email encryption of confidential messages.

Patents have been granted for the both use methods of the secure emailing service: sending from the user's own email (Finnish FI125832B, European Patent EP3286891, US Patent US10341120B2) and sending from the web-interface (Finnish patent FI116815).

The service is used by for example health care organizations, finance companies, cities and governmental organizations, private companies and national associations, the size of clients varying from small companies to international listed companies. Explore our references.

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