Securedmail enables you to send and receive confidential information as encrypted

  • business secrets as
    • confidential offers
    • R&D documents
    • confidential contracts
  • passwords
  • medical information
  • all documents containing a personal ID
  • salary and wage details
  • bank account numbers
Securedmail utilizes the same TLS/SSL encryption which is used by Internet services of banks. Your message is transferred to the recipient encrypted, and you can get information when the message has been opened. You can also receive secured messages from any sender.

A finnish patent has been granted for the both use methods of the secure emailing service: sending from the web-interface (pat. FI116815) and sending from the user's own email (pat. FI125832B).

The service is used by for example health care organizations, finance companies, cities and governmental organizations, private companies and national associations, the size of clients varying from small companies to international listed companies. Explore our references.

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