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Encrypted Email Finland Ltd (Finnish Business ID: 0964930-8)
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Encrypted Email Finland Ltd

We maintain and develop an encrypted email service (Securedmail) that has been used for encrypting electronic communication by Finnish organizations since 2004.

Securedmail is used by companies, associations and public organizations. The number of users can vary from one to several thousand.

The service can be implemented without installing any equipment or software.

Our AAA credit rating guarantees that our operations are stable and continuous and that we can focus on excellent customer service and high data security.

We meet all the requirements on the handling of personal data, as specified in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our data security management system is audited regularly, taking into account the VAHTI and KATAKRI requirements that apply to central government services.

The encryption methods of the Securedmail have been patented in Finland (FI116815 and FI125832B), Europe (EP3286891) and the US (US 10,341,120 B2).

The company is fully domestically owned, with the Finnish personnel and subcontractors owning almost 100% of the shares.

Encrypted Email Finland Ltd’s Board of Directors:

Jens Säynäjärvi, Chair, b. 1979
  • MBA (University of Applied Sciences)
  • working in the security sector since 1998
  • current role: Service Team Lead (national security & cloud security) at Nixu Corporation
  • Board Member at Encrypted Email Finland Ltd since 2019

Jussi Kallioniemi, Member, b. 1973
  • CISSP (Certified Information System Security Professional)
  • developing data security and IT systems since 1998
  • current role: CEO at Radiant Bytes Oy
  • Board Member at Encrypted Email Finland Ltd since 2013

Markku Vettenniemi, Member, b. 1964
  • M.Sc.(econ), Certified Board Member
  • management roles in the Internet and data security sectors since 1996
  • current role: CEO at Encrypted Email Finland Ltd
  • Board Member at Encrypted Email Finland Ltd since 2004